The most frequently asked questions
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What are our opening times?

Our office is opened from Tuesday to Saturday between 10.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 16.00. The contribution of objects for the auction is only possible from Thursday to Saturday between 10.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 16.00 pm (or by appointment). Customers are welcome to visit the showrooms during the Viewing Days that are organized the weekend in advance of each auction between 10.00 – 17.00. For the specific dates of the Viewing Days, please see the auction calendar on the website.

How does an auction work?

Many different types of objects are auctioned at “Van Zadelhoff Veilingen en Taxaties”; ranging from a drawing by Van Gogh to a box of small collectibles. The two Viewing Days that take place in advance of each auction, offer the opportunity to view all the items in real life and to ask questions to our employees. If you are interested in purchasing a lot at the auction, there are several ways to bid: directly through our website, by inserting an automatic bid either on the website, by email, or handwritten at the Viewing Days.
What does “Van Zadelhoff Veilingen en Taxaties” entail?

Besides auctioning items that have been contributed by art dealers and individuals, we are also a well-known valuation office. For more information or appointments, you can phone us or send us an email. Valuations are offered in both The Netherlands and abroad.

How many times a year are the auctions held?

At least 10 online auctions a year are organized by Van Zadelhoff Veilingen & Taxaties. In addition, we also hold live auctions at various other locations (register for the newsletter to stay informed).

I would like to contribute something to the auction. How does the procedure go?

The easiest way to learn whether your object(s) is/are suitable for the auction is by sending us a few pictures by email. Our appraiser will view the images, after which the administration office will inform you about the estimated auction value of the objects. Further arrangements (e.g. transport) could be made afterwards, but it is also possible to deliver the objects to the auction house yourself. For more information see the section: “How to sell in the auction.”

I would like to sell goods in the auction. Are there any costs involved?

It is only after the lot has been sold, that we calculate costs. If your lot is not sold, you don’t pay anything. The price is decided on in consultation with the appraiser during the contribution of the object. Any extra costs such as transport, precious metals that have had to be officially approved or any extra storage, cleaning or reparation costs of your object on behalf of the sale, are also confirmed in advance.
How many and what kind of items can be contributed to the auction?

There are auction houses nowadays that do not accept objects that are worth less than a certain value. This rule does not apply to us. However, this does not mean that everything is worthy to be auctioned. The appraiser will make an estimation of the value of your objects. It may occur that you learn that (a few of) your objects cannot be sold at our auction house, whereas others can. Although we are specialised in art and antique, we also offer a wide range of other goods that can include: cars, maps, wines, design furniture, garden decorations or even an airplane. As you can see, whatever it is that you would like to sell in the auction, it is always worth the effort to contact us either by telephone (0031)356247170 or email for further information.
What happens with the goods I sell in the auction?

Not all objects are valuable enough to be auctioned separately and therefore we sometimes decide to combine a few objects, so that they can be auctioned together as a single lot. Aiming for a higher sale price, these items are selected and combined with great care. The objects are immediately given a barcode and are inserted into the computer system. Soon afterwards the lots are photographed for our online catalogue. Our computer system enables you to follow the entire auction process, from delivery to the final sale. About a week before the start of the auction, all the delivered goods are assigned a catalogue number and installed in the showrooms of the auction house at the Nieuwe Havenweg 53a, 1216 BL, Hilversum.
What about auction costs?

If you purchase one or more objects in the auction, you pay 27% buyer’s fee and €1,- administration costs.
What is meant by the target price?

The target price is the estimated proceeds of the auctioned object. This does not mean that it cannot become more or in some cases a little bit less. The buyer pays the final amount bidden for the object. All the items have a starting price. They cannot be auctioned for less.

When and how will I be informed if my bid has been successful?

You will be automatically informed by our digital system if you have become the highest bidder.

How do I pay for the items I have purchased?

All the items should be collected and paid for the first Saturday after the closure of the auction the latest. The collection days and times will be mentioned on the confirmation letter of your purchase. It is possible to pay by cash, card of transfer the money to our bank account ABN AMRO

What should I take into consideration when it comes to the measurements?

The auctioneer indicates sizes of lots, when he considers this to be relevant. Paintings are thereby measured without frames and in the case of furniture the largest sides are measured.

Is it possible to send or deliver the objects to my house?

If you are not able to collect or transport the purchased objects yourself, we can send them to you by post or in case of larger objects arrangements can be made for a transport delivery. The costs depend on the size, weight and value of the lot(s) and the address it should be delivered to.

What happens with lots that have not been sold?


That depends on the arrangements made between the contributor and the appraiser. If you are interested in an object that has received any bids during the auction, you will be able to purchase it afterwards in the aftersales, where it will be offered for the starting price. The seller of the object will also receive a proposal by post to adjust the starting price, so it can appear for the second time in the next auction. If the seller does not agree with the proposal, the item will be returned to him / her.
How and when will I learn how much my contributed objects have been sold for during the auction?

A few weeks after the auction you will receive the outcome by post, in which you can find the final bids on each of your sold objects and how much you will be charged for the auction costs (17% of the total amount). On the back of this letter you can find the date when the amount will be transferred to you.