About the auction

  1. Contributing (selling) objects
  2. Purchasing objects
  3. Online bidding

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    2. Adding to your favorites
    3. Bidding
    4. Automatic bidding
    5. Closure time
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    7. Collecting purchased lots
  4. Table of Indicative Prices

Contributing (selling) objects

The most efficient way of finding out whether your items are auction-worthy is by sending us a few photographs by email: The administration will inform you about the appraiser’s estimation of the value of the object(s). In case the photograph is unclear or if it concerns a painting, we might request you to come in person, so that the appraiser can have a look at the object(s) in real in order to make a more accurate judgement.

It is possible to show the object(s) you would like to offer to the auction to the appraiser in person without an appointment on the following days: Thursday to Saturday between 10.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 16.00. Further arrangements (transport etc.) can be made by e-mail or by telephone: +31 35 624 7170. If it concerns a large quantity of goods, the appraiser could come to your home address instead, after consultation by telephone.

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Nowadays there are many auction houses that do not accept any goods below a certain estimated value. This is not the case with us. However, this does not mean that every item is auction-worthy. Our appraiser will make an estimation of the value of your items. It is therefore possible that some of the items are accepted for the auction, whereas others are declined. Even though we are specialized in art and antique, we offer a wide range of other goods, including: cars, ethnographics, wines, design furniture, garden ornaments or even a jet. As you can see, it is always worth a visit to see whether your items are suitable for the auction.

Not all the goods can be auctioned as seperate lots, due to their insignificant value. We therefore sometimes decide to offer them as combined lots. These collections are assembled accurately in order to generate a higher selling price. The objects are assigned a barcode and are transferred to the computer system.

Our computer system makes it possible to follow the entire auction process from the contribution to items to the actual auction, to the collection of purchases. The lots are photographed in oru professional photo studio for the online catalogue. About a week before the start of the auction all items are assigned a catalogue number and are decorated in the showrooms. During the auction days visitors are welcome to have a look at the offered goods in real life and to ask questions. We treat all the items with care.

We only charge commission when we proceed to sell. Additional costs may occur in case of transport, unapproved precious metals that need to be tested and any storage or cleaning / repair costs of your items; this of course only in consultation with you as contributor. If your object has been sold during the auction and no additional costs have been made for the benefit of its condition, you will receive the purchase sum minus 17%. After the auction has been closed, your object can still be sold during the aftersale for the agreed starting price.

In case your object has not been sold and you would like to retrieve it, you don’t pay any commission. It is also possible to offer the item at the next auction for a reduced starting price of 30%.


Purchasing objects

In addition to the digital catalogue comprising images of all the lots that are offered at the auction, which appears on the website one week in advance of the particular auction, visitors are welcome to view the lots in real during the official auction days at the Nieuwe Havenweg 53a, where all the items are exhibited in the showrooms. It is also possible to get a printed catalogue at the reception. The catalogue includes descriptions of all the lots and the indicative prices. The catalogue can also be downloaded from the website one week prior to the auction.

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If you are interested in purchasing a particular item, there are various ways to do so. The easiest way is to bid directly online through our website or by submitting an automatic bid (proxybid). Furthermore there is the possibility to hand in a written purchase assignment during the auction days for those who are unfamiliar with computers. For more information, please see the section “online bidding” on our website.

In addition to the purchase price a buyer’s premium of 29% will be charged as well as €1 lot fee for each allocated item (unless otherwise indicated at variant auctions). If you place a bid you always receive a calculation that includes the buyer’s premium, before you confirm your bid.

You will be informed automatically whether you are the highest bidder and if you have been allocated the required lot(s) after the closure of the auction. The first Saturday after the auction all the purchased goods should be collected and paid for, unless otherwise discussed with the administration.

The collection days and times are mentioned in the order confirmation. It is possible to pay in cash, by card or to transfer the money to our bank account: ABN AMRO 449912108.

If you are unable to collect the goods or if they are too large for you to transport, we can either send them to you through our post service of arrange transportation. Of course there will be extra charges; these are dependent on the size, weight, value, quantity and fragility of the objects and the location it needs to be shipped to. For price indications you can send us an e-mail specifying the purchased lots and the delivery address.

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Online Bidding


After an auction has been activated, it is possible to bid one week until the specific closure time of a lot has been reached. In order to bid, you need to log in on the website. If you do not have an account yet, it is necessary to register first. Although it is possible to view the items without having signed in, access to the bidding area is only given after having logged in. In the current auction you can view all the offered lots and sort them in different ways; for instance by catalogue number, closure time or starting price. In addition to the catalogue numbers, detailed photographs of all the objects are provided as well as categories, elaborate descriptions and indicative prices. The starting price is often 25% lower than the indicative price. It is not possible to bid less than the starting price.
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Adding to your favorites

Of course we inform you by email whether your bidding has been successfully placed. However, in order to follow the lots you are interested in the most convenient way, we recommend you to create a selection of your favourites. These favourites can be added to a section on the website that is referred to as “My Catalogue”. You can add as many items to your catalogue as you like by clicking on the designated box that is illustrated in the form of a heart-icon. After having added a lot to “My Catalogue” you have not yet submitted a bid. It is merely an easy way of selecting the goods you are interested in, so that you do not need to find them in the catalogue list that contains more than 4.000 items. The section of “My Catalogue” also includes various filters to make it even more organized. It is for instance possible to only filter the items you have already placed a bid on. The items in your catalogue are always sorted on closure time. The items that will close soonest, will be on top of the list.


In “My Catalogue” it is possible to place a bid on a desired lot by clicking the red button: “Bid Now”. In the next screen you can submit a manual, one-off bid or otherwise an automatic bid by clicking on the tab (see automatic bid). Before your bid is successfully placed, you will first be presented with a calculation of the total amount, the buyer’s premium of 29% and the €1 administration fee. The bid will only be submitted if you click on the confirmation button. In “My messages” all the confirmations will be stored for you. In addition you will be informed by email whether someone has overbid you in the auction, so that you can submit another bid if you feel inclined to do so. The authentic auction steps are being used, as indicated by the computer.

Automatic Bid

If you don’t have the opportunity or time to follow the bidding process and constantly adding manual bids, you can opt for the “automatic bidding” section on the website. Here you can fill in the maximum amount you are willing to spend on the desired lot. If you are overbid, the computer will automatically increase your bid, until the maximum amount as specified by you, might be reached. Thus, the system will attempt to purchase the lot as cheaply as possible on your behalf. Only if a counterbidder shows up, your bid is increased; otherwise it remains the same.

Closure Time

The items that are offered at the auction are divided in various sections that have each been allocated a different time slot. Whereas the catalogue numbers 1 t/m 149 may for instance close Monday evening at 19.00, bidding on the catalogue numbers 3600 – 3849 will continue to be possible until Tuesday evening at 21.45. The reason that closure times of the lots vary is that bidders have the chance to manually bid on several lots, without being obliged to submit an automatic bid. If a bid is placed on a particular lot is placed during the last 5 minutes, the closure time of that object will be increased with 5 minutes. This way fraud (in which users can use software in order to be the last bidder) can be prevented.


Only after the entire auction has terminated (when all the lots have reached their closure time), the auctioneer will officially allocate the lots under supervision of a notary. You will be informed by email whether you are the winner of the desired lot.

Collecting Purchases

After the auction has ended on Tuesday evening, buyers are informed to collect their goods from Wednesday up and till Saturday between 10.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 17.00. Thus, all the purchases should be collected the Saturday the latest, unless otherwise agreed. Of course it is possible to have your purchases packed and sent to you by post or if it concerns large goods to have them delivered to your house. For more information regarding transportation of your purchases, please see the “Transport” section of this website.

Table of indicative prices

We employ the usual auction ladders.