The Team


Ronald van Zadelhoff

Team7Auctioneer, Manager & Accredited Appraiser

After having operated under his father J.H. van Zadelhoff for many years, Ronald officially took over the family business in 2000 and is the third generation continuing the auction dynasty. He was even born in the former villa at the Vaartweg where the auction house used to be situated for many years. He has been raised with an affinity and love for art and antique, which has become part of his nature.

In addition to his extensive and specialized knowledge in the field of art, antique and design as accredited appraiser, he is also a driven businessman, with progressive views and highly committed to the modernization of the company.

This resulted in him embracing the digital era in with total confidence by transforming the company in an online auction, causing the clientele to spread worldwide and the quantity of goods to increase.