House Clearances

In addition to valuations and auctions you can also turn to Van Zadelhoff for the entire clearance of a property. Premises can also be cleared efficiently.

ontruimingBy assigning Van Zadelhoff the clearance of a property, one can be certain that the appraiser who will accompany the movers, has insight in the valuable goods, so that nothing will be thrown away.  These valuable possessions could potentially be transported and/or sold at the auction house.

However, a clearance also involves a large amount of debris and bulk rubbish. Since we have the proper means of transportation at our disposal, we can take it to the dump in a safe and efficient way. This is an almost impossible endeavour for an individual.

The reason that we have been hired by the “Gooise notarissen” (solicitors), is because we clear houses with the utmost precision and care. In doing so we ensure that your personal and private information does not accidentally end up in the debris, in contrast to standard clearance companies. Instead we make sure that these files end up in the appropriate archive destruction. Furthermore we take recycling of excess household good into consideration as much as we can in order to relieve the environment; for instance by separating chemical debris and by offering clothing to charity institutions.

For more information regarding clearances and for the inquiry of a quote, you can contact the administration at: