Online Auction

In 2008 R. van Zadelhoff left the Vaartweg behind together with Ida van Zadelhoff who had joined the company after their marriage in 1990. The classical villa had become too small, after the company had been transformed into an online auction. In the modern building at the Nieuwe Havenweg 53a where it is still located, they had the possibility to expand even further. “Veilinggebouw van Zadelhoff” had become history; in the enormous premisies the company has become known as “Van Zadelhoff Veilingen & Taxaties”. Whereas in the past between 1.000 and 2.000 lots used to be auctioned, we now offer more than 4.000 lots each auction, while at the same time organizing an extra auction each year. Beside the increase of goods, the clientele has also extended massively. The business is no longer restricted to the Dutch boundaries; on the contrary, each auction we send dozens of parcels abroad, including Russia, China, Canada, Australia, Indonesia and of course many European countries.

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