Official Valuation Certificate

Do you need a valuation certificate for the purpose of insurance, succession or current market value? Then Van Zadelhoff’s valuation agency will be able to provide you with more information. You can make an appointment with one of our certified appraisers. Read more…


Valuations Abroad

It is also possible to assign Van Zadelhoff to execute valuations abroad. On this page you will find more information. Read more…


Federation TMV

The Federation TMV is the only professional organisation of authorised valuers/appraisers, brokers and auctioneers of moveable goods in the Netherlands. Van Zadelhoff is a member of the federation as may be expected. Read more…


House Clearances

Our company has also an exceptionally good reputation when it comes to house or premises clearances. In addition you are ensured that the appraiser will recognize valuable objects through his expertise, which we can also offer for sale in the auction on your behalf. We take recycling of excess household good in consideration and make sure that personal files and documents end up in the archive destruction. Read more…

Van Zadelhoff Veilingen & Taxaties has served as a renowned valuation agency for many years. In order to insure your possessions you will need to have an official report. Van Zadelhoff makes reports for the purpose of succession, new market value or the insurance. If you are interested in having your goods auctioned, rather than valuated, it is possible to receive a free online appraisal. Our appraiser will look at the submitted photographs and decide whether the items are auction worthy. In contrast to the official reports, these appraisals are not valid for official puposes that include inheritances and the insurance.